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SofiClothing, ‘Sofisticated’ Taste for a Young Age

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends,” said the late American fashion designer Kate Spade, and if you want your little girl to start playing dress-up in chick, fashion-forward outfits you and her will love, the place to get ‘sofisticated’ clothes for her is SofiClothing, a girl’s clothing collection full of spunk and character.

The family-owned business spearheaded by mom and daughter duo Susan Miller and Kari Spitz comes with a mission to provide stylish, USA-made girls and children clothing at prices for everyone, but without sacrificing great quality.

The inspiration for their line comes from the most demanding of customers, Kari’s own daughter, who knows what she likes and doesn’t like. Kari wouldn’t dress her daughter in something she doesn’t like, and from mom-t0-mom, knows that you shouldn’t either.

Based and manufactured in Los Angeles, SofiClothing brings out the California trends to the forefront in an array of styles, colors and patterns that speak to the current state of fashion.

This is a true and tried company with 18 years bringing the kaleidoscope of Southern California cool culture to fabric with designs that reflect the easy-going, yet thrilling and unique region where everyone shows their individuality through the clothes they wear.

Wear your true colors

And to show that singularity, nothing better than a collection like that of SofiClothing with enough frills and thrills to fill the closet of the most unique clothing expert.

There are wild prints for girls, like a Cheetah Tank Dress, Coral Snake Ruffle Shorts or a Neon Pink Cheetah Bike Shorts that scream “cool” and “comfortable and bring out the individuality of each child.

For more edgy, cool moms and daughters, SofiClothing also offers electrifying and irresistible pieces like a Pink Camo Zip Jacket or a Hot Pink or Gold Foil Leggings.

These cute outfits for girls offer rows and rows of ruffles, extravagant color combinations and layouts that add a sweet, feminine touch to any look, whether it’s a special occasion, playing dress up or a fun playtime.

A fresh palette of vibrant colors and playful prints to satisfy the most demanding stylish mom and her little fashionista. And a line with enough pieces to provide enough choices designed with ultimate mix and match potential.

Forget the rehashed, boring and repetitive pieces found at all those department stores in the mall. Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of SofiClothing, a collection which seeks to maximize your child’s sparkle with unique and exciting designs that will stand out no matter where you and your little one go.

Even a simple Black Short Sleeve Top or a Heather Gray Neon Pink Heart Tie Tank are infused with enough distinctive color and design touches to turn them into original pieces.

For savvy shoppers

The best part are the affordable prices that will let you mix and match outfits at your whim without feeling guilty or breaking the bank. The large selection of pieces let you put together the perfect ensemble for any occasion, whether you’re heading to a play date or birthday party, a lunch with grandma, or simply playing around the house on a lazy summer day.

The dresses, leggings, sweaters and ponchos from SofiClothing are sure to get you and your daughter compliments as she stands out from the crowd. You won’t be able to keep your styling shopping a secret, as moms will surely want to know where to get something as fun and exciting for their own princesses. And they’ll be amazed, and surely a little envious, of your savvy purchases.

And in these times of coronavirus, SofiClothing also offers face masks to protect your little one without sacrificing style. The masks come in a variety of colors and prints to match and complement with their favorite outfit.

Kids always tell the truth and if they like something, they’ll be sure to let you know. With SofiClothing you can’t go wrong. The line features fun prints and vibrant colors that brighten any day and will turn any frown into a smile. Your girl will want to wear the playful, edgy outfits again and again and the hard part will be for them to take them off.

This children’s collection is a testament to Los Angeles, a place where everyone is a star, where being noticed is not an aspiration, but an afterthought.

They say style is a way to say who you are without speaking. If that’s the case, the clothes from SofiClothing say that you’re a smart shopper who knows fashion, keeps abreast of the latest trends and most of all, want to make sure your kids look as good as you do.

After all, if your kids feel happy, cool and chic, so will you.

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