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SofiClothing: Affordable and Sustainable Clothing

SofiClothing: affordable and sustainable clothing you can feel good about

The latest fashion trend is not a new seasonal color or new style, it’s the concept of sustainable fashion. In essence, it’s clothing produced with less waste, water, and chemicals that wreck havoc on the environment.

And contrary to what you may believe, it doesn’t necessarily have to be more expensive than other pieces made without thinking about its impact on the planet.

SofiClothing features a stylish children’s clothing collection that is also affordable and full of quality pieces that you and your little one will be proud to show off.

Shorts for those early autumn hot days, short and long-sleeve blouses as the days grow cooler and ponchos to add flair and fashion to any outfit are just some of their offerings.

Ethical clothing

Your little ones are your most precious treasure and you want to make sure the clothes they wear are not only comfy but made of the best materials for them and the environment.

Ethical clothing also extends to the way the companies making those pieces treat their employees and suppliers. Do they pay workers fair wages? Do they treat them equally? What is the corporate culture?

With 18 years of experience, SofiClothing respects and gives equal treatment to everyone involved in the production of dresses, leggings and rompers. We comply and adhere to all local wage and worker’s rights laws and measures not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

We want to assure you that all our nice prints and comfy apparel is made from quality, eco-friendly materials that will keep your daughter looking her best and you feeling great about the choice you made in supporting a family-owned business conscientious of the world around it.

As Angelenos, we strive to reduce hazardous chemicals and pollution that hurt our planet. Our pledge is not only to keep creating the cutest, most adorable and fashionable clothing that appeals to your style sense, but also in a way that reduces the impact on the planet.

Based in Los Angeles, when you buy from SofiClothing you’re buying locally made clothes, which means less air miles, which reduces your carbon footprint. What’s the point of buying amazing sustainable clothing only to have it shipped half way around the world to get to you?

And if you’re a Southern California resident or live within the Golden State, when you buy from us, you’re contributing to the local economy, and making sure those hard-earned dollars you spend help out the local municipal coffers that will return to you in services, roads and the rest of the services we’ve come to depend on.

Stylish Designs

But when it comes to clothes, it’s not just about affordability. It’s about looking good.

Our designs reflect the Southern California fashion scene, a mix of laid-back attitude and edgy styles that are great for any scenario, whether you’re enjoying a backyard barbecue with your loved ones, or heading out to the park or the beach for a nice outing.

All made from soft, breathable fabrics that won’t lose their shape after a few washes, nor will they fade with a few washes. They’re perfect for active lifestyles who like to jump and play in comfy clothes without any burdensome buttons or difficult zippers, nor do they have loose parts that might get caught into furniture or items.

Every piece is put together with the utmost care, but without requiring any special washing or handling. The last thing you want is clothing that adds to your chores. You want a wardrobe that is of high quality but you can throw into the washer and dryer without any hassle. Something that requires no more than just machine wash and tumble dry low.

The prints, colors and pieces we put out every season range from modern takes on classic pieces to new trends and patterns that will be the envy of your Facebook timeline.

You can pick from a Neon Pink Cheetah Romper that exudes “cuteness” all around and keeps your girl feeling fresh all day to a Gray Poncho or a Gray/Black Zip Hoodie for those early cold mornings or evenings.

Those are just a few pieces in a large collection where you can mix and match tops and bottoms to put together fun ensembles that will not only make her look cool, she will feel so.

And if she’s feeling good about herself, you’ll feel good about it too.

Staying safe and looking great

SofiClothing also offers a growing range of face masks in an array of colors, from basic to more adventurous fuschia. The masks are available for boys, girls and adults with new prints appearing weekly.

The masks will keep you and yours safe whether you’re heading out for a safe distance visit with friends or family, or heading out for a bite at a restaurant offering patio dining.

You can find just about any color and pattern to match with any outfit, from a very patriotic Royal Heart USA mask to a Heather Gray Mask for a more sober look. But if you’re looking for a more exciting lineup, you can try a Tan Snake or a Fuchsia/Navy Tie Dye option.

They’re all made from the best materials to protect you, including Rayon Spandex and Cotton Lycra, and adequately and comfortably fitting so your children won’t be playing around with


The masks are offered in colors and designs meant to add a sparkle and extra level of protection to your social distancing and safety protocol.

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