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5 Tips for buying children clothes

Kids go through clothes faster than a cannonball, and not only because they put on an average of 5 to 7 pounds every year and grow about 2.5 inches annually.

It’s also because of the wear and tear they put on their wardrobe: the jumping, the rolling, the dirt, all aspects of a healthy, careless, happy childhood. Picking the right clothes for your bundle of joy will help them feel comfortable doing all these things and more, and save you trouble, booboos and money.

It will also avoid tantrums, meltdowns and help you keep your sanity intact when getting dressed in the morning.

Family-owned SofiClothing knows this first hand and that’s why we design stylish, affordable and quality pieces for girls and children that can withstand the most demanding childhood habits.

Whether you’re buying a new pair of pants to replace the summer shorts, a new dress for a family visit, or just a new pink blouse to replace a faded one, there is a general rule of thumb for making sure you get something that will satisfy you and your little one.

Here’s a shortlist of 5 tips when buying clothing for your child.

Avoid shoddy rags

Yes, they might be cheap, but a garment that is not well made won’t survive the stresses of childhood. A simple bounce on furniture or running around in the backyard and the stitches will break, the seams will open and lead to tears and holes.

Also, check for itchy seams, scratchy material or any other uncomfortable elements that might peeve an impatient child.

The SofiClothing collection is designed with the utmost comfort in mind, using only the best materials to make sure your child feels well, no matter how active they are. And we believe they should also look adorable, yet edgy. For a fun ensemble, look no further than the rayon spandex Rainbow Tie Top and Bike Short, a modern reimagining of a retro look. Or you can showcase your future star in White Leggings with Neon Pink Stars made from 90% cotton and 10% lycra.

A little growing room

With dresses, pants and shirts, always go a little longer. That way they get plenty of wear out of them when they grow a few inches in a few months. A dress that reaches below the knee will certainly be shorter soon enough. Pants and shirts that might seem a little big will fit just fine after a few outings.

For a little extra room, look no further than the stretchy Coral Snake Maxi Skirt that will keep your girl looking good now and for weeks to come, or try the Camo Zip Jacket that will give them an cute edge.

Comfort above all

You want to make sure the fabric is soft, breathable and holds its shape and color much longer. Children get dirty very easily, many times without doing much more than just eating, so you’ll be constantly washing the clothing.

Pick garments that are also easy to match with other pieces in the wardrobe, such as the cotton lycra Black Leggings that scream comfort and serve many purposes and go with just about everything. Another piece that is easy to combine with a jacket, a long sleeve blouse and several other clothing is a Light Blue Tank Dress with Heart that is simple and classic.

Their opinion counts

Your child will certainly let you know about anything that bothers to the touch or doesn’t feel extremely comfortable to them, so listen to their opinion.

To make sure you don’t end up buying something they won’t wear, involve them in the purchase. Pay attention to their face when they try on a garment. Is it a smile or a frown? Are they pulling on a sleeve, moving funny while trying on a pair of pants or trying to take off a dress as soon as you put it on? If you notice any of these signs, move on to the next item, as chances are they won’t wear it.

One item that will surely bring a grin to any girl is a Leopard Flower set that is airy, trendy and modern. And they won’t say no to a lovely Red Tank Dress with Hearts.

Check for care

Avoid any pieces of clothing that requires special washing or care. You want to make sure it’s something you can throw in the washer and dryer without thinking too much about it. Just machine wash and tumble dry low. Otherwise, it will be an extra hassle.

Smart cloth shopping for kids means picking outfits that will aid as they transition from play to family outing, gives them ample room to move freely and won’t get caught as they brush against people, furniture or any other items.

It’s also about choosing cuts, designs and colors they like and enjoy, that gives them a sense of themselves and get you compliments along the way. Because if kids feel good and like a particular dress or pants, you can be sure they’ll keep asking to wear it. You don’t want to buy something that will just end up in the back of the closet until you forget you ever bought it.

With SofiClothing designs, you will achieve all this, without digging deep into your wallet. Our styles are modern and playful, with soft, airy fabrics that your kids will love.

And for the ultimate outfit, we also have an array of masks for boys, girls and adults to match any outfit, whether you’re looking for a Pink/Black Camo, Hunter Green or Royal Blue design, with new prints and colors available every week.

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