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Dress to impress, even if you’re learning at home

Schooling is a mixed bag for children across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are attending actual classes at school, or gathering with other kids in parks and other facilities, while many more are receiving instruction virtually at home, or doing a combination of these.

Whatever the case may be and wherever school may be for your child, experts note the best way to keep them learning is to make their environment as close to normal as possible. Even if home schooling is the only option, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends organizing a quiet place in the house where they are able to learn and setting up a routine, where they wake up and get dressed for school.

While some parents have decided to allow kids to wear anything they’d like if they’re learning from home, even items that are too small or too short, pajamas or princess costumes all day, experts say enforcing “school clothes” during school time is essential to help children maintain a sense of normalcy and focus while they’re receiving instruction. This will also help them when they return to the classroom full time.


As the winter vacation ends and children get back to learning, it’s important they look their best and feel comfortable with what they’re wearing, even if they’re just showing off on Zoom. New clothes can also help get children excited about returning to the classroom.

The best way to achieve this is to get them involved in the shopping and valuing their opinions when you choose what they’ll wear. If they help pick the items, they’ll be more likely to wear them and you’ll have less trouble in getting them ready for the day.

Just make sure the garments are weather appropriate and allow them to move freely, make them feel confident and happy all day long. That means no sleeves hanging or pants too loose or long they may trip. In the same vein, pay attention to your child’s growing pains. Kids are constantly growing—sometimes several inches in a single year—so you want to make sure you discard garments that are too tight, or too short. And pick soft, high quality fabrics that are durable and don’t irritate skin.

That’s precisely what we offer at SofiClothing, where our children clothes are designed with the best materials and also thinking of way to make them practical, playful, and colorful. Whether it’s a Blue Cheetah Tie Set, a Fuchsia Camo Set, or a Leopard Jogger Set, they are meant to show individuality so kids can express themselves with the latest prints and fashion trends, without sacrificing quality or breaking the bank.

These are trendy outfits for stylish kids, and perfect whether they’re heading back to school or learning at home, as they allow them to move from the classroom to craft time, and recess without missing a beat. These times should be enforced, even when staying in the house. If doing school work, give them the space and resources they need to concentrate on what they’re doing. But also let them run freely when school work is done.

Playtime enriches kids’ lives and provides an outlet for them to learn, reduce stress and exercise their creativity. Another important aspect of at-home learning is to develop a reward system with stickers or snacks to keep them engaged.


If your child is actually heading back to school, one item they’ll sorely need is masks, which are now ubiquitous in our daily lives. Not to sorry. We offer so many styles and patterns, you won’t have trouble matching them with your children’s favorite outfits or picking one they’ll love.

It’s recommended that you have 4-5 reusable masks for your child so they can be washed after each use. The masks should fit them well, without hurting and without any major gaps. Having several masks also give you time to wash them in masse at the end of the week and assures they’ll always have one available in case they get dirty, they drop them or they rip, which are likely to happen.

It’s also important to have a full closet because kids should change clothes when they return from school or any other gathering. Children are pretty messy as it is, so it’s best to ensure any germs they could have picked up while away from home stay away and don’t spread around the house too.

Of course, buying new clothes requires picking and choosing what you want, and most importantly making sure they fit. If you have trouble picking sizes that best fit your child when shopping online, the suggestion is to always opt for a slightly larger size. Chances are your kid will grow into the garments sooner than you think, sometimes even by the time the outfits arrive at your door.

If you’re not sure what to buy or what your child needs, pick different items so you can mix and match. Leggings and sweats are now staples of the “pandemic chic” trend sweeping the country as we spend more time at home either working or learning virtually. But they’re not the only items your child needs. Dresses and shorts should also be part of your kids wardrobe to allow for weather changes.

Pair them with short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops with similar patterns or colors you can combine with jackets and sweaters that children can comfortably put on and take off without trouble. Some children are especially fidgety when getting dressed and undressed, so you want to make the process as simple and easy as you can. This will save you time and troubles down the line.

Above all, remember, whether your child is learning in the classroom or through Zoom meetings at home, they are the mercy of their classmates, so you want them looking their best.

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