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Keeping Your Kids Busy During COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has been the talk of the day in every media platform for the last two months. The outbreak of this virus has put the entire world into a stand still with no social or economic activity running. Schools have been closed and kids sent home, parents are now working at home and others are on leave till further notice, businesses have closed down and all worship places have been shut down. The only major activity in sales in online shopping and home deliveries to only the allowed countries. Sofi Clothing is one of the few businesses doing deliveries at your door step. All these are measures to ensure that the virus does not spread more and kill more people. The COVID-19 can be transmitted from one person to another and through contaminated places. The essential facilities like supermarkets, hospitals and petrol stations that are still open are being disinfected after every few minutes to avoid spread of the virus through contaminated surfaces. According to a research by World Health Organization, the virus has a lifespan of from four to nine days; this is what makes the virus more lethal.

Now that the kids are home all week with nothing much to do, it has created a crisis to parents all over the world. Most parents are running out of ideas on how to keep the kids busy at home. Unlike other times where parents could take kids on a vacation for one or two weeks, take them to visit their grandparents and take the for shopping once in a while to keep them occupied, at this period it is impossible to do so. Travelling to other countries has been banned, many malls have been shut down leaving the ones supplying basic household essentials and even in worst scenarios, some countries have gone on total lock down; meaning you are prohibited to even leave your house. Kids are used to going to school, having play dates with their friends and running outside as they want, but now with corona virus, they are seeing the change and some do not even understand what is happening. As a parent, you have to come up with a plan to keep your kids occupied and avoid them from being scared of the change.

Borrowing ideas from school

Kids are used to routine and that is one secret of keeping the kids occupied while in school. Every minute of their stay at school is accounted for. As a parent, borrow this idea as a way of managing your kid’s stay at home. Set time for meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, set time for playing all types of games you can think of, time for TV, time for school work if they have any and also, set time for your kids personal reading. Let the time the kids are at home be not just entertaining but also productive. It is good to also understand the times of the day when your kids are more productive; morning, or afternoon. This will help your work easier in monitoring their reading time.

Playtime routine

Generate ideas on how to make indoor games fun for your kids. Clean your kids toys every once in a while, and separate the good toys from the broken toys. This will reduce the risk of your kids getting hurt while playing. Chip in from time to time to play with your kids. However, don’t play with them all the time; kids like feeling independent and you being there with them at all times will be monotonous and they will get bored. Kids playing alone will also help their brains to develop; if they are stuck, they will try and find ways to solve the problem and generating these ideas is a growth to their brains. Let them come to you when they are completely stuck on their games. Although you are not playing with them, supervise their play time to prevent them hurting each other, hurting themselves or damaging things in the house.

Playing only certain chosen games will be uninteresting for them so brainstorm and come up with new games. You can borrow some ideas from your childhood and introduce them to new games. As kids play, choose comfortable clothes for them. Being in jeans all day can be exhausting and even make the kids tired faster than you intended. At Sofi Clothing, we are here to make your kids stay at home time easier and comfortable. We deliver clothes fit for playing for kids at all ages at an affordable price.

Outdoor games

If you have a backyard, it is good to allow the kids to run around for some minutes every day. This helps the kids to let off steam, enjoy good weather and also pick up a few things from the environment. More so, if the kids run outside for a few minutes, it will help them get to bed early and with ease making your nighttime routine easier. To make your kids sleep well and comfortably, you can choose a set of pajamas or nighttime clothes for your kids from our elegant clothing line.

Teach your kids a new skill

Make your kids time at home more productive by teaching them a new skill. You can choose any skill from a variety of kids related skills on YouTube and on the internet. There are skills like cooking, playing a music instrument or painting. Make it fun for your kids and they will be looking up to perfect their skills. These will keep them occupied and learning at the same time.

In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed many activities in the entire world and forced people of all ages to stay at home. Make it fun for your kids to stay at home and encourage them to maintain hygiene as a way of keeping safe from this lethal virus. This period is a good time for you as a parent to bond more with your kids and have fun while doing it. At Sofi Clothing, we are here with you all the way to make your kids stay at home fun and comfortable. Got questions or suggestions? use to contact us.

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