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Four Reasons Why Your Child Deserves Clothing They Love

They’ll be more comfortable ..and whine less ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Let’s face it, adults are accustomed to wearing uncomfortable clothes. Whether it’s mega skinny jeans, boots that are just a little too small, tucked-in shirts, business attire or what have you, we know that we have to suffer for fashion. Children, on the other hand, usually haven’t absorbed this hard-learned lesson just yet. You may think it’s time to take them to the School of Clothing Hard Knocks, but that can wait for a bit. When kids are young, one of the most important things is to make sure that their clothing is actually comfortable.

The reasons for this are pretty obvious, but let’s look at the facts. Little ones are often quite particular about things, and they’ll let you know what feels good and what doesn’t. If you force them into something that they don’t like the texture or fit of, odds are it will be hard for them to move past it. They’ll be thinking about it all day and moving around in search of the most comfortable square inch for their body to settle in. In short, they’ll be unhappy. For one, this is no good for them, clearly. For two, this is no good for you! If you toss your kid in something restrictive, you’ll be hearing them complain for the rest of the day. Save both of you the heartache and just get them some clothing they actually like wearing, whether that’s athletic wear, something baggy or anything in between.

There’s another reason to avoid uncomfortable clothing, as well. The less uncomfortable a child is, the more active they’re likely to be. Letting your kid play long and hard is quite important for their development on several levels, and it will leave them tired and satisfied. Their level of activity is hugely impacted by what they’re wearing. Oh, and one final point: if your kid has uncomfy clothes, they’re never going to want to wear them, which could leave you really regretting that check you just spent on what are now just fancy hand-me-downs.

It helps them express themselves

Anyone who has even just a bit of experience being around kids know that they love to make their deepest thoughts known. Whether that manifests itself in creative art or just telling a stranger they have a big head is really up to the day. However, if one thing is certain, kids of a particular age really love to pick out what they’re wearing for the day as a form of self-expression.

While it can be hard for a child to pick between two garments they hate wearing, you’ll start to see them really enjoy getting dressed if their wardrobe is full of fun stuff that speaks to them. If they’re not old enough to reach in and pick out their own outfits, try to give them choices so that they can pick whatever they’re feeling like for the day. The black t-shirt might be a bit gloomy for today, but the sequined jacket might match their vibe just perfectly.

By learning how to express themselves with their clothes, kids can access a potently creative aspect of their mind that they don’t always get to. You might even learn a little bit about how their tiny, enigmatic brains function by seeing what they pick out. Make sure they have clothes they like and watch them come out of their shell!

They’ll be more confident

All savvy shoppers know that the perfect pair of jeans can really offer a boost of confidence. This phenomenon isn’t unique to adults! If your child has clothes that they actually like, rather than just tolerate, they’ll be much more happy and confident as they go about their daily lives. In terms of comfort, the right fitting, non-restrictive clothes can let your children feel unafraid to tackle any obstacle they see. If their puffy jacket doesn’t let them move their arms, they’ll likely approach things with trepidation (as we might as well, if we couldn’t move our arms). Being able to play, run and jump in exactly the way they expect to will teach a child to trust their body and their choices, without having to worry about external factors that will hold them back.

On the fashion side of things, clothing with just the right amount of style will make your child feel great about themselves. We may be tempted to give them what we think of as stylish, but this isn’t always the best move. Do kids decisions make sense? Usually, not really. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t pick out clothes that actually appeal to them, even if it’s a mystery to us. Why deprive them of the chance to really feel themselves? By trusting their choices, their confidence will increase two-fold: one, because they feel like they look cool, and two, because they learn that they can make their own decisions. A win-win!

Stressing over how to dress your child is normal, and probably a good thing. Clothing is something that should be taken seriously, whether you’re a toddler, a teen or elderly. By listening to your child and giving them choices, you’ll find out what they really like, and getting them clothes they love will have a ton of benefits. Oh, and don’t forget that they’ll be complaining less. That’s always nice too.

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Morgan mendoza
Morgan mendoza

Well said! Must read for mommies

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